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At present, FICCI-SEDF focuses on:

  • Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility through Awards, Trainings and technical assistance to the companies
  • Enhancing the employability of persons with disability through the pilot project, JEEVIKA in Delhi and surrounding areas.
  • Workplace and community health issues including tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, drugs abuse prevention and alcohol prevention through sensitization workshops, Project CONNECT and its close association with ILO.

Promoting CSR/Social Development issues through


FICCI-SEDF has implemented several projects; most of them involved its member bodies/companies and covered workplace issues like RCH, HIV/AIDS/Gender/Drug abuse/Child Labour etc.

Current Projects

  • FICCI-Alliance for Consumer Care
  • Project Jeevika and MAR initiative for Enhancement of Employability of Persons with Disabilities in NCR
  • Project CONNECT for mobilizing Private sector initiatives on TB and HIV/AIDS in Karnataka, Maharastra and AP

Projects Completed Recently

  • FICCI-CARE Gujarat rehabilitation Project
  • Mobilizing Small Businesses to Prevent Substance Abuse at the Workplace
  • Intensive Family Welfare Project at Ghaziabad
  • Gender Equality at the Workplace
  • 7 projects on Reproductive and Child Health Projects in 7 Districts of UP
  • Mobile AIDS Counseling Project in Delhi completed recently
  • Life Skills Education to adolescents in 10 slums of Delhi

Advocacy and policy

FICCI represents the Indian industry in various committees/Boards etc on various Social/ CSR issues e.g. Planning Commission, National Trust on Disability, Global Fund for HIV/TB and Malaria, Global Compact Society, Jansankhya Sthirta Kosh, Bureau of Indian Standards etc.


  • Mobilization of industry participation for social development issues like population moderation, Child labour, Labour welfare, HIV/AIDS at workplace, employment of Persons with Disabilities etc through workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • Timely mobilization of corporate strengths and resources E.g. J & K earthquake, Tsunami Relief, Gujarat Earthquake

Training & Capacity building

FICCISEDF has organized training programmes on various aspects of CSR (Dec'06 & Jan'07) and other related issues

Technical assistance

Provided technical assistance to the companies interested in CSR programme (CONCOR, GAIL)
Currently working with Lafarge for social needs assessment in Meghalaya and Himachal

FICCI- Shraddhanjali Jawan Trust

The interest earnings of the corpus fund are used to provide financial assistance every year to the defense personnel and their families. Primary objective of the Trust is to rehabilitate, retrain and employ disabled soldiers & help children of the martyrs and war widows.

FICCI-SEDF Corporate Social Responsibility Award

  • India's first CSR Award to recognize and promote socially responsible
    Corporate practices in India
  • Unique three-tier selection process